About the Fab Five

Laura-AKA Chip- our eldest and sweetest of the bunch.  She is an extremely busy attorney, but she always makes times for us :).  Laura has a wonderful husband who adores her and is the only one of us to not travel down the baby path, yet.  So she will surely  have fun insight to add, that doesn’t involve poop, diapers, spit up, or squeezing in sex between feedings.

Cayla- AKA Cay Cay- our second eldest and only mom to venture down the path of having two children.  Her daughter is 2.5 and just had a baby boy who is two months old.  She is a busy wife, working mother, and full-time “can always make you laugh with something raunchy”, bestie.  Her husband is a busy man, running an empire of successful restaurants in our area.  That’s right, I said empire.  All 5 of us girls met while working together, for her now-husband, in college, and it was the best time of our lives.

Emily-AKA Ems, Emmy-  the only other one in this group who will be constantly posting with me.  Emily is our Martha Stewart.  She always looks fabulous, and is an amazing hostess.  She is also a mommy of a 11 month old little boy.  Her husband also had the pleasure of working with us in college…. man that place is where dreams were made! Emily is a great resource for anything from cooking questions to a good book read.  Shes fabulous, and amazing, and fabulous…. did I already say that?

Amanda- AKA Pexa- Pex…… oh Pex…. where do I start? You know that friend that everyone has, that is always the life of the party and has an infectious laughter and gives the best hugs? No? Sucks to be you…. because we have one :).  Pex was the last of us to start at our college employer, but she snuck her way in and hasn’t left our hearts since.  Being the devoted wife she is, she has moved around the country to support her beast of a strength coach husband.  It has taken her away from us, but thank god for texting!…. and Skype…. and phones….. and Voxer…. and Whatsapp…. and Facebook…. and blogs….. (you get the idea).  Pex just had her first baby girl a month or so ago, and she’s braving the task by herself away from us and her family.

Mir- AKA Me- The baby of the group.  I’m sure the other girls can fill you in, but to keep it short, I’m outspoken, kind of loud, do not have a great filter, and will be on this blog A LOT.  I stay at home with my 9 month old son, but am literally impressed with these girls every day, that they can put in a full work week, and take care of the home.  Besides my baby and the boy toy I cohabitate with, my friends are my world.  I’m not quite sure how I’d get through some days without them.  For the other days…… there’s wine.

Enjoy our blog!! Feel free to ask questions.  We’re not experts, but we are pretty awesome.

xoxo number 5….. aka Mir


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